Netvue 1.1

It provides an account of the data flow in your computer's network connection
1.1.170 (See all)
Codeheadz Software Company

NetVue is a tool that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection at any given moment. This information is presented to you in real time. NetVue includes extensive logging, and more. It supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. NetVue also works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more.

- Provides clear graphical and/or numerical display
- Logging historical data
- Permits close supervision of uploads and downloads
- Works with Dial-Up, ISDN, Cable Modem, ADSL, Ethernet cards, and more
- Option to select specific network interface
- Full compatibility with Windows 2000, 2003 and Windows XP
- Requires minimal screen real estate and system resources
- Simple installation
- Involves no changes to your Windows system files
- Configurable to load with Windows
- Auto-hide feature minimizes the meter to the system tray in the absence of network activity
- Useful stopwatch to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rate

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